Ogston Sailing Club Pontoon Floats

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Ogston Sailing Club Pontoon Floats


Nestling in the beautiful rolling hills of North Derbyshire, Ogston Sailing Club is set on a 180 acre reservoir, The club has a large fleet of Challenger trimarans available for disabled sailors as well as many other boats for use by club members. The members used to access the boats via an 36 metre pontoon held together by old steel tanks (image below).

Ogston Sailing club before

These tanks would often have substandard buoyancy with many members falling foul to wet feet when walking down the pontoon! After a committee meeting it was decided that replacement pontoon floats were required.

The committee considered many options, but, in the end they decided that the Polyform MP420 floats would be the best solution as a replacement. 

Boat Fenders Direct, Working in conjunction with Cirrus Engineering who designed the frames and supports, supplied 32 x MP420 pontoon floats along with 64m of MF60 Marina Fenders to update their old steel tank system.

Ogston Sailing Club MP420

Boat Fenders Direct worked with Pete Degg of Cirrus Engineering who designed the new pontoon structure to accommodate the existing walkway on to the new frame work specially made for the MP420 Pontoon floats. 

The original jetty (shown in the picture below) housed steel tanks used to prop up the walkway, the main issue was the wear and tear of the tanks along with a continuous need to paint the tanks every other year at substantial cost. 

Original Steel Buoyancy tanks

The jetty/pontoon is 36m long and 2.5m wide and houses 3 MP420 floats along each row (4 at the front where additional buoyancy was required).

To help aid mooring and reduce damage to boats, the Polyform MF60 Marina fenders were attached to a wooden board all around the pontoon, giving even more protection (images below).

Polyform MF60 Marina Fenders                                 Polyform MF60 Marina Fenders

(MF60 Fenders used around the pontoon along with a close up of the Marina Fenders).

Ogston Sailing Club - New Pontoon

The project has been a huge success and the new system will deliver long term cost savings, as well as dry feet for many years to come. 


Ogston Sailing Club

For more information on our Pontoon Floats, contact us on info@boatfendersdirect.co.uk 


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