User Guide


Inflating Polyform Fenders is simple. We have created both a YouTube video and also a downloadable inflation guide to help. Whilst we offer an adaptor for use with car tyre foot pumps, an adaptor is not always needed. 

The video below shows "How to inflate polyform boat fenders with a handpump".

We also have a handy adapter which can be used with car tyre pumps that allow easy inflation. This is shown below "How to inflate Polyform Boat Fenders using our adapter".

The adapter is available to purchase by clicking HERE




Polyform Boat Fenders are made to protect your boat, even in tough conditions. When deciding on the size and number of fenders, plan for the unexpected and toughest weather conditions. Also consider extra Polyform Boat Fenders in addition to the "basic need".

Depending on the shape of the hull, weight of the boat etc, consider a possible mix of cylindrical ( F-Series / G-Series) and / or spherical (A-Series) Polyform Boat Fenders to achieve maximum protection.




Only the lower swivel (underwater) shall be used for mooring of the boat. The size of the buoy depends on the weight and the total load it will be exposed to. The dimension of the mooring iron bar and swivel should be chosen in accordance with the size and weight of the boat, weather conditions, the currents and wave height in the area the mooring is intended to be placed.



Do not expose the buoy to a load of more than 60% of its total buoyancy. Please also consider additional weight/load caused by marine growth, currents, wind, and waves.


Over-inflation will seriously weaken the material, destroy the products intended shape, reduce the lifespan of the product and void all warranty. Please remember to check your mooring for wear and tear at least twice a year. If in doubt, ask for professional advice.



The flexible all-plastic POLYFORM valve is fitted into every POLYFORM PRODUCT.

V10: During inflation, a flap at the lower end of the valve ensures little or no loss of air.

Securing the rigid plastic screw will then close the valve.

Valves (double valve system)

F11 (and optional F8) is equipped with the Provinor® Double Valve System (air in / air out). The valves are moulded into the rope-holds, located on opposite ends of the fender:


The clear plastic
inflation valve = AIR IN The blue coloured
deflation valve = AIR OUT