How to choose the right sized fenders?

How to choose the right sized fenders?

How to choose the right sized fenders?


A common question we get asked here is:
How do I know what is the right sized fenders for my boat?

To help with this, the team at Boat Fenders Direct have come up with a useful table to help you narrow down the correct size boat fender to use for your boat. 

There are many factors to consider when choosing the which size boat fender to use. 

1) The most important factor is determined by the size of your boat. The table below gives a great guideline as to the size you require. You can also refine your search on our site by using the boat size tabs on the left to bring up our recommendations. 

2) What size does your boat currently use and are they suitable?

3) What type of environment do you typically moor? if it's a calm marina, then a size smaller may suffice, however, a more choppy marina may need larger fenders.

4) Another factor may be the space you have on-board to store the fenders, although we always recommend to choose the largest size possible as to replace a fender is a lot cheaper than damage to a boat!


 Boat Size (FT) A-Series F-Series RFC-Series G-Series
0-10 A0 G2
11-16 A0 or A1 F1 G2 or G3
17-23 A1 or A2 F1 or F02 RFC2 G3 or G4
24-30 A3 F2, F4 or F4 RFC3 G5
31-45 A4 F5 or F6
46-60 A5 or A6 F7 or F8
61+ A6 or A7 F11 or F13



For larger commercial vessels we have the HDF (Heavy Duty) range  

The above table is to be used as a guideline. Due to the various types of mooring, boat specification we can only offer a rough guide as to the best choice of fender for your boat.

The information will hopefully help guid you to choosing the right sized fender for your boat.


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