About Polyform Norway Fenders & Buoys

About Polyform Norway Fenders & Buoys

About Polyform Norway Fenders & Buoys

About Polyform Norway Boat Fenders & Buoys

Boat Fenders Direct are proud to have been Polyform Norway’s main distributor for well over 10 years. But as a customer, how much do you know about Polyform Norway Fenders? And, why should you buy Polyform Fenders?


Polyform Norway was established in 1955 and was the first company in the world to produce inflatable, all-plastic net buoys and fenders. From 1970 and into the 1980s Polyform developed the first, partly automated machines for roto- molding, particularly for the Polyform net buoys.


At the turn of the millennium Polyform Norway finalised the world’s first -and so far, only – fully automated machinery to produce cylindrical fenders: Polymatiq was born. The Polymatiq machine (and corresponding technology) is epoch-making to a degree that protection by national-and international patents have been applied for and been granted.


As the original Polyform manufacturer and the inventor of the inflatable buoy, Polyform Norway have become world renowned for its truly high quality range of Boat Fenders & Buoys which are used from small pleasure boats through to navies requiring supreme quality, strength and durability in their fenders.

A fender is very cheap in comparison to new paintwork, Polyform Norway Fenders offer the highest quality product to give you the ultimate protection to your boat. 

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